What Is Initiatory Theurgy?

Initiatory Theurgy is centered completely around the goal of making continual and effective progress into deeper levels of personal illumination through conscious connection with aspects of the Higher Genius and completing the Great Work.

Attainment of the next level of individuated evolution is something that all humans have inherent embryonic capacity to achieve, with proper initiatory instruction.

While many kinds of magic are acknowledged, the Order is focused upon practices centered around theurgy for the purposes of personal spiritual evolution and the dissolution of the Soul Cage. Those entering this level of work are taught Aethyrian practices of an inner theurgical and alchemical nature, the purpose of which is to cultivate the ability to mediate spiritual power and master particular inner alchemical forces.

Mastery of inner alchemical forces and the occult science that can be applied as a result is MAGIC, and is the foundation of true Initiation towards the journey to spiritual Illumination and completion of the Great Work.


Magic & Alchemy: Understanding the Link

Conversations in Theurgy™

Conversations in Theurgy™ is an upcoming online course that will be made open later in 2023 to anyone with an interest in magical aspects of the Western Mysteries.

Once released, this course will be a prerequisite for anyone wishing to enter Initiatory Theurgy training through the Inner Order.

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Initiatory theurgical training begins at the 4° Phoenix grade of the Inner Order. As this training is specific and proprietary to our Order, this is the only stream of training that currently does not have a specific entry-level open training. Successful practice of Aethyrian Ascension and Illuminatory Seership as a bridge between Outer and Inner work is the prerequisite for making application for elevation to this level within the Order.

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