What Is Transcendence?

Transcendence Is Direct Experience of Higher States of Existence, Through the Expansion of Individual Consciousness, to Perceive Clearly That Which Is Normally Beyond Consensus Reality.


The Western Mystery Tradition & Transcendence

Though usually phrased in terms of spirituality, the quest for Transcendence is a vital part of man's evolution.

The embryonic capacity to expand consciousness to greater levels of perception is more widely known from teachings of Eastern traditions where it is known as 'enlightenment'. However, the West has its own processes to attain transcendent consciousness through practices better suited to the Western psyche.

This process, in the West, is called 'illumination'.

It is the gradual attainment of levels of illumination that ultimately liberate personal consciousness and allow one to merge with the higher aspects of divine nature. It is the function of proper instruction in the Western Mystery Tradition to facilitate the process of illumination that enables direct experience of the transcendent levels of reality.

Why Does Transcendence matter?

Transcendence matters because you were born into the material level of existence for a reason, and you have a worldly purpose in addition to your own personal evolution. Giving yourself permission to explore who and what you really are through the Western Mystery Tradition, to Know Thyself from a higher vantage point, begins to allow you to align with your purpose and be in flow with the world around you.

If you are trapped in a maze of endless routine and you often feel disconnected from your own life, it's because you're not aligned with your purpose.

Transcendence comes from alignment.

Purpose comes from a higher directive. Call it what you will, spirituality or consciousness... but higher consciousness is not separate from the world. It is what we are all here to achieve, to reach the next level of what we have the embryonic capacity to become.

Until we are ready to seek THAT and grow in an understanding of what we ARE, our personal priorities will never be in alignment with our higher purpose and our lives will reflect lower states of consciousness.

Transcendence Matters Because It Works!


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