What Is Operative (Practical) Alchemy?

Practical Alchemy is the art of making quintessences, true sacraments that facilitate expanding consciousness into transcendent or expanded levels of experience.

Alchemy illuminates the process for accelerating the evolution of a substance, while reflecting the same exact process that must be done on all levels within the totality of the aspirant’s entire being, not just fragmented pieces of the psyche.

Quintessences expand consciousness to where more can be understood about the nature of real alchemy, so it is an interesting puzzle box created by nature as a labyrinth one can work through as one learns to confect quintessences from the different kingdoms, that each in turn open different functions in consciousness and facilitate the capacity to mediate spiritual currents.

If you will not clean the impure body and make it white and give back to it its soul, you will have accomplished nothing in this magistery.


Open Alchemy Project™

As part of our Open Alchemy Project™, the beginning practices of plant alchemy curriculum may be learned online through the Primum Ens Plant Alchemy coursewithout being an Order member .

While practical alchemy work is a required part of the 5° Practicus grade of the Order, this training course is made available to anyone within or without the Order who wishes to learn this particular process of obtaining sacramental quintessences from the plant kingdom.

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