What Is Aethyrian Ascension?

Aethyrian Ascension is a spiritual consciousness-expanding practice that synthesizes subjective and objective levels of personal experience through one efficient construct that transcends both in a way that destroys root stresses buried deeply in the psyche without having to analyze them to break them down.

Each technique moves the awareness in a different way while working to eradicate correlating root stresses, and as they clear a shifting and expansion of consciousness occurs.

These techniques function on the universal ascending dynamic of the vertical currents of Praise, Gratitude, and Love, and the horizontal current of Compassion. They have a distilled simplicity that is deeply powerful, and the experience of them is compounded over time as particular channels become increasingly cleared through regular practice.

Consciousness flows to stillness because of impressions of tranquility.

By applying the light of higher thought comes knowledge of the subtle, the hidden and the distant.

pantanjali—the seer

Open Ascension Project™

Aethyrian Ascension, or Aethyrian Prayer, is a spiritual, universal, meditative practice that gets practitioners to deeper, calmer, more centered levels of being without fighting with the lower mind to try to suppress thoughts or block out thoughts entirely.

This is a Western approach, which is greatly needed in the Western esoteric community that often imports its 'meditation' practices from Eastern systems. Due to this need we offer open online training for Sphere One of Aethyrian Ascension.

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Most of the work done through this network is structured around project-based initiatives.

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