What Is Illuminatory Seership?

Illuminatory Seership is a Western magical initiatory practice. It opens spiritual vision, facilitates the clearing of the Lunar Veil, and allows one to experience specific magical phenomena directly for oneself.

"True Seership is not clairvoyance, mediumship, or “second sight” in undeveloped form. Seership is Seeing in conjunction with a concurrent state of gnosis." ~Aethyrius

The attainment of the full faculty of occult Seership is a simultaneous quickening of consciousness and the dissolution of the barrier in the conscious mind at the lunar level. The dissolution of the barrier allows entrance beyond it, and completely clears the corresponding internal level of vision at the same time.

As such, Illuminatory Seership is an incredibly useful and practical spiritual path all on its own, but also works seamlessly with other initiatory practices within the Western Mysteries.

One Eye of Horus was the Moon, the other the Sun.

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Open Seership Project™

Illuminatory Seership opens spiritual vision in a very deep way, and results in the quickenings and visual crystallizations that accompany the raising of the Dragon... the Western term for what is called Kundalini in the East.

The light of that pure evolutionary force is literally Illumination.

This instruction is a purely Western form of activating the illuminatory current.

This Illuminatory Seership Training is a foundational practice unique to our Order, and we openly offer this introductory level training to allow those interested in working to attain direct experience of true phenomena of Deep Magic for themselves an opportunity to do so.

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