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Practical Alchemy: Path to High Alchemical Arts

Practical Alchemy: Path to High Alchemical Arts
This book is for those interested in an overview of learning about what real practical alchemy is and a basic introduction to its potential application as a spiritual path. As the first work in this series, Practical Alchemy: Path to High Alchemical Arts lays solid groundwork to approach the subject productively, reveals a deeper path of practical understanding in advanced plant alchemy, and directs one toward deeper levels of knowledge in the realms of practical alchemy and magic.

142 Pages | Perfect Bound Print Edition: More Information

Transcendence Oracle Cards

Transcendence Oracle™
The purpose of the Transcendence Oracle™ is to reveal specific evolutionary forces and processes, and how they are aligned within any being or situation. The forces revealed are being directed by one’s Higher Genius (when used for personal readings) or by collective spiritual forces (when used for situational readings).

This oracle is best used as a tool of empowerment for spiritual seekers: To discover how spiritual forces are being directed in order to engage with them on a more conscious level of awareness, acceptance, and understanding which in turn facilitates greater alignment with one’s transcendent Self.

Intuitive Deck of 50 Cards & Reading Instructions: More Information