Testimonials from clients and students of classes, lectures, and workshops on Ascension, Seership, Alchemy, and Deep Magic within the practical Western Mysteries.

In past years of teaching I never kept testimonials on file. So, now that this platform has been created, as they come in I will post them here.

The Illuminatory Seership technique has been a huge revelation for me. The initial results that people experience doing this practice are things I had experienced years ago, but they were always elusive and not well explained. So when I discovered the practice, I committed to it very seriously from the start, and I can verify that what Aethyrius says is true. Do the practice seriously, and you will have results. The results themselves are not really important, but they are benchmarks of progress, and as someone who has spent years looking for effective spiritual techniques, it’s quite exciting. These once elusive magical experiences have become increasingly real.
~Adam L. (US)

The experience and understanding Aethyrius has helped me achieve since I began the Seership class he offers is nothing short of remarkable. Almost immediately the process began working for me. Simple methods that produced results the first time I attempted them. Clear instruction and weekly classes where he helps put the experience into context have helped me more than all the books/videos/podcasts and self experimentation I’d previously done.

Perception of my own subtle energy body has increased greatly since beginning the meditations he teaches. Self understanding and the unraveling of my own mental obstacles has also seen steady progress during the practice. It isn’t all roses and unicorns, but it is very real and it’s worth the effort.
~Russell B. (US)

Aethyrius has presented a curriculum which is unique within the modern Western Mystery Tradition. There is a program of standard exercises; which when practiced consistently, yield definable results. It is therefore easy to gauge one’s progress by passing through benchmark experiences. The practices are easy but become more demanding as one progresses.

Seership has brought me a clarity of vision, thought, purpose and an incredible inner strength.

Ascension has provided me with a toolkit of techniques which is helping me to master my mind, emotions and reactions; how I react to a given trigger has become more of a matter of choice.

Alchemy is taught in an easy to follow manner. One can see that it is being taught by someone who has spent a considerable time practicing laboratory alchemy as he will explain several methods to reach a given conclusion, along with the pros and cons of a particular process and the common mistakes which would result in the loss of valuable lab equipment.
~Alastair W. (Mexico)

I am very grateful to Aethyrius for introducing me to Illuminatory Seership and the Raising of the Dragon. I was introduced to a similar practice in the 1970s where no mention was made of the Dragon, or Kundalini, but then the gazing was done in a different way and perhaps for different purposes. Back then, as a young man, I allowed life to take me in a different direction whereas this course has instilled in me a meaningful practice which is producing physical and mental experiences. I am confident that spiritual results will follow. Patience and practice, practice, practice.
~Philip W. (UK)

I have been doing the Seership training for the past 3 months with interesting results as seen in the video sessions of the training. My body feels alive with vibration and pulsations leading the way. It is always great to experience things happening rather than just believing. Awaiting more interesting things to happen as the practice continues.
~Sam A. (US)

I started the Seership training a few months ago. Regardless of whether or not you stick with this long term, you will very quickly feel the cognitive effects as your body is better able to de-stress. I feel rejuvenated after a short session, even if I don’t experience any form of quickening. My skin is much more relaxed and it helps me to balance my eyesight after staring at screens all day (I work in IT). Seership has led me to occasionally use fire reading for difficult decisions and I have even practiced it while on my commute through reflections in windows.

Aethyrius is easily the most spiritually advanced person I have ever met (you can see it in his aura) and I trust him as a spiritual teacher, holding his opinion in high regard. I will be committing myself to this practice more regularly, as I am starting classes in Alchemy and Aethyrian Ascension as well. Seership is good for your health, as well as your spiritual well-being.
~Sage S. (US)

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