Private Consultation


A private face-to-face consultation with Aethyrius.

Whether you are seeking a consultation about practical spiritual matters in regards to esotericism in general, need specific guidance on your spiritual path, or you just need help with specific questions about particular processes in plant alchemy (Ens work) outside of a private training arrangement, I offer 30 and 60-minute private online sessions to make myself accessible when the need arises.

See notes below for more details.

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How It Works...

Private sessions can be recorded so you have access to review them when needed.

Sessions are done live through video over Zoom, so a device with a webcam is optimal for interaction during your reading. However, clients can also call into Zoom over the phone at the scheduled time for the session without video interaction when necessary.

If video sessions are recorded, they are uploaded to Vimeo with password protection. You will be emailed the video link and password to access the video and download it. Private consultation videos are removed after 10 days as an added privacy measure.

Note: After going through the checkout for your session, please use the contact form in the main navigation to schedule your session through email. Our time zone is EST in the US, so it helps to have your time zone and location to facilitate scheduling.