Our Projects

Since Transcendence Works is the outer educational arm of Ordo Aethyrium, most of the work done through this site is structured around project-based initiatives.

Open Ascension Project

Aethyrian Ascension, or Aethyrian Prayer, is a spiritual, universal, meditative practice that gets practitioners to deeper, calmer, more centered levels of being without fighting with the lower mind to try to suppress thoughts or block out thoughts entirely. This is a Western modality, which is greatly needed in the Western esoteric community that often imports its ‘meditation’ practices from Eastern systems. Due to this need we offer open online training for Sphere One of Aethyrian Ascension.

Open Seership Project

Illuminatory Seership opens spiritual vision in a very deep way, and results in the quickenings and visual crystallizations that accompany the raising of the Dragon… the Western term for what is called Kundalini in the East. The light of that pure evolutionary force is literally Illumination. This instruction is a purely Western form of activating the illuminatory current. This Illuminatory Seership Training is a foundational practice unique to our Order, and we openly offer this introductory level training to allow those interested in working to attain direct experience of true phenomena of Deep Magic for themselves an opportunity to do so.

Plant Alchemy Project

The Plant Alchemy Project is based upon the premise that much of the ‘alchemy’ that circulates in the community currently regarding plant alchemy does not really result in true plant quintessences. While there is more than one way of obtaining true quintessences, even the simplest methods are still difficult to master because there has been no training made openly available to do so. We feel strongly that sincere seekers in the Western esoteric community should have access to true alchemical plant quintessences as genuine sacraments of the Western Mysteries, regardless of what esoteric tradition to which they may belong. For those willing to do the real work, our Primum Ens Plant Alchemy Training offers complete, step-by-step instruction.

Alchemy Texts Archive

As the 5° Practicus grade and subsequent elevations of our Order are heavily focused upon practical laboratory alchemy, we need to be able to post and rely upon the continued presence of important adept alchemy texts being accessible for Order members. To accomplish this, over time we will be adding adept texts to our public archives, which will also be openly accessible to others in furtherance of supporting alchemical study and research within the Western esoteric community.

Transcendence Directory

Transcendence Directory is a project offering curated listings across a wide range of Western esotericism, practices, traditions, modalities, and supportive currents in the global alternative spiritual community. While many of the sites listed are outside the scope of Transcendence Works and Ordo Aethyrium, we felt strongly that a directory dedicated to Western esotericism was something useful that spiritual seekers within the community as a whole would derive benefit. Though others can submit sites they own for review, the vast majority of listings are those which we have curated with summaries to make the directory useful for visitors.

Work-Study Program

As a nonprofit religious order, Ordo Aethyrium will occasionally offer the opportunity to do work through our work-study program to cover the cost of specific training courses that have an enrollment tuition. The Primum Ens Plant Alchemy Training is available through this work-study arrangement. Currently, the opportunity to take advantage of this requires the ability to write well in English for the task of adding listings to the Transcendence Directory. There is a writing assessment process and an interview prior to being approved. Inquiries should be made through our online contact form.

Ordo Aethyrium is recognized under 26 U.S. Code § 508(c)(1)(A) as a tax-exempt nonprofit religious entity. As such, participation in outer-level training is offered in open projects through the Transcendence Works network.

Revenues generated from training courses with tuition, publications, or sacraments go towards funding the operational costs of Ordo Aethyrium and its educational efforts towards providing some levels of its instruction in the practical Western Mysteries openly within the esoteric community.