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8 Great Reasons to Subscribe to Transcendence Works!

1. Featured Content

Each month there will be new articles and posts on various aspects of the Western Mysteries, with heavy concentrations on practical alchemy and magic. Much of what I have learned over the past 25 years is not available in modern publications on these subjects.

2. Instant 50% Off on a Private Consultation! (Face-to-Face Video Session)

I created Transcendence Works to connect with true Seekers. As long as I am able, I will offer private Zoom video consultations (30 or 60 minutes) for those interested in connecting face to face online and getting some practical spiritual guidance. I understand what it is like to be searching for something real.

I am happy to converse with any Seeker that wants to explore practical paths of spiritual Illumination through the Western Mysteries. After confirming your subscription, in your welcome email you will receive the coupon code towards a Private Consultation session.

3. Publishing Schedule

I have segmented my newsletter by subtopics in order to allow subscribers to better tailor the information they receive. In the main welcome email, it will ask you to click on the links for the topics of interest. You will then immediately receive the intro email for each of the topics selected. Each subtopic has a few numbered emails in its sequence, and after that is complete you will only receive emails for that topic when there is something related to it.

Regardless of subtopics, you will still be on my primary newsletter which only goes out as a broadcast when appropriate. I spend a lot of time on the content for this site, but most of the notices will go out to their appropriate subtopic lists, not to everyone. So, be sure to pick the topics that are relevant in the intro email.

4. FREE Podcasts & Videos

There will be premium content on Transcendence Works, but there will also be great FREE podcasts and videos on various aspects of the Western Mystery Tradition as I am able to get them produced, like this video on an advanced plant alchemy process. If you are on the list you will be one of the first to know about new content.

5. Connection…

Now and then as things progress I will send out surveys to get feedback on the aspects of the Mysteries my readership would like to know more about. If you are on the list you will be able to give input in that regard and contribute to influencing the direction of some of the posted content.

6. Updates on Classes

I teach online privately and locally in groups, and many of my classes, lectures, and workshops are going to be recorded and made available to my online subscribers. Some will be premium and some will be free, but all will be solid, practical information and if you are on the list you will be given first notice for listening or viewing.

7. Cool Transcendence Spotlights

It will be a while before I get completely set up for heavy podcasting. For now I am just converting lecture recordings into podcasts, since 4 hours of lecture requires about 40 hours of audio editing, which is no small task. But, there are some amazing teachers around the world and as I have time and opportunity to do video/podcast interviews with them I’ll post them as spotlights.

8. It’s FREE! (And, your email is safe with me.)

I appreciate your trust and I will never sell or give out your personal information.

So try it out for a few months. If you decide it’s not for you, easily unsubscribe any time with just one click in the footer link of any newsletter email.

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