Listing Guidelines for Transcendence Directory

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Transcendence Directory is a curated directory dedicated primarily to Western esotericism in its many forms, facets, and practices for spiritual exploration.


  1. The listings on this directory are selected for the information they offer that may be of use to those seeking more information in each area of interest within the esoteric community.
  2. Since this directory is an in-house project to compile valuable resources in the western esotericism community, the vast majority of the links here were not requested by the individual sites themselves and should not be considered endorsements from them.
  3. Information in the listings is obtained directly from the content made publicly available on each site.
  4. We have no direct affiliation with sites listed in this directory. Listings are informational only.

If we have not created a curated listing for any particular site, and you wish to submit that site for consideration, please do so according to the following guidelines.

General Guidelines for Requesting Listings:

  • This directory only offers listings in English and only links to sites written in English or that have directly-linkable English translations.
  • This is a curated directory. Listing approval is neither automated nor guaranteed.
  • Sites submitted need to offer unique, relevant content, be well-written, be well-organized with menu and page structure that is easy to navigate, and have reasonably current design for modern browsers and viewing devices.
  • Sites submitted should be reasonably well-maintained and up to date. Sites with a large quantity of dead outbound links to sites or resources that no longer exist or have been taken offline will not be approved.
  • Sites of an explicitly sexual nature, or those of individuals or groups that promote or advocate hate, violence, prejudice (for any reason), or race supremacy will not be approved.
  • Sites should be on their own domains. The only exception is for blogs on larger blogging platform subdomains or visual artists with portfolio sites.
  • In an effort to maintain a clean and useful directory, sites that become abandoned or go offline for an extended period of time will be removed from the listings.

Listing Guidelines:

  • Use proper English grammar, capitalization, and punctuation in description areas.
  • Write in the “third person” whether you are writing about yourself or not. Saying “I do…” is great on your own sites, but in a directory “I” doesn’t convey “who”. Please do not compose your summaries in the first person. It increases the editorial work load.
  • Take the time and consideration to write unique content for your submission. Do not just copy and paste entirely from other online content. (It creates duplicate content.)
  • Use this character count tool to make sure your description lengths are within the stated requirements.
  • Write accurate, informative, useful descriptions about what your website or blog offers to visitors in the way of content. Avoid the use of superlatives, hype, or overstatement in your listing. A neutral tone of objectivity is more helpful for directory users.
  • List sites in ONE subcategory only. Choose whichever subcategory is most appropriate. Your listing will also appear in the parent category. Do not make multiple submissions without prior consent.
  • ‘Blogger’ subcategories are for those engaged in regular blogging about the topic of the subcategory. If you just have a website or do not blog with regularity, then please choose one of the other subcategories.
  • Though this directory is focused on Western esotericism, in order to foster spiritual unity we created an Eastern Paths category. If your site is related to Eastern practices that do not fit appropriately into other areas, then please select a subcategory under the Eastern Paths category.

Editorial Notes:

  • We want to build a really solid, useful community directory. There will be many potential categories and subcategories that we have not added into the hierarchy. If submitting sites, please use the subcategory that you feel is most appropriate. After submitting, send alternative category/subcategory suggestions. To send a submission, please reach out first through the contact form in the main navigation.
  • All editorial rights are reserved by Transcendence Works for listings in the directory. They may be edited to reflect a more accurate nature, as well as changing or updating subcategory placements as the directory grows and requires more refined categorization to improve user experience.

Thank you for your interest in Transcendence Directory. If you wish to help support the directory and its growth, please reach out to us.

Please share with others in your community and consider adding a link to the Transcendence Directory on your websites and blogs. Your support for this project is much appreciated!