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Transcendent Light

Over time, as I take images of different aspects of the work I will place them here, or replace with better ones.


Plants I use in aspects of the Prima work (plant alchemy) from which I have or am working on obtaining quintessences.


Quintessence obtained through the Ens process of plant alchemy. Images below are currently all from Melissa officinalis.

Pyrolytic Distillation of Rosemary

Images from a trial run of the pyrolytic distillation process of Hollandus. This particular distillation run was stopped short because the heat element could not go high enough to complete the process, so the liquid obtained does not have all the elements in it that it would if the process had completed. Part of the purpose of this run was to test the heating element to see if it could reach the right level of heat, and now I know it cannot. Much to my annoyance…

Other photo sequences of this process performed at other times are not available; however, I compiled a video of this process performed with another plant material.