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Xoanon Publishing

Xoanon Publishing was founded to serve as the sole publisher of Cultus Sabbati, a closed-circle initiatory magic practitioner group. The group’s publications are based on ongoing initiatory tradition, and readers are encouraged to self-educate using the materials available on the site.

Xoanon Publishing selectively and privately sells its titles to individuals of good report, and those interested may write a letter to the company to inquire about subscribership. The subscriptions allow members to be notified ahead of a book’s release and to reserve a copy of the title, available at pre-publication pricing but are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. The company’s aim is to provide their material only to those who would be honorable and appreciative readers, due to the nature of their work. Selected works however are available through second-hand book dealers, and a list of those sellers is available on the site.