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Wigglian Way

The Wigglian Way Pagan Podcast with Sparrow and Mojo is an online radio show hosted by two Canadian witches discussing The Wigglian Way. With over 130 episodes, The Wigglian Way has been running since 2007.

The podcast features pagan bands and musicians such as Akashik, Alexander James Adams, Arthur Hines, Castalia, Cernunnos Rising, Chalice and Blade, Delhi 2 Dublin, Dragon Ritual Drummers, Emerald Rose, Faun, Gaia Consort, Gypsy, Heather Alexander, Heather Dale, Icarus Witch, Jenna Greene, Kan'nal, Kellianna, Lady Isodora, Magicfolk, Michelle Mays, MotherTongue, Pandemonaeon, Parnassus, Qntal, Sharon Knight, Shawna Carol, S.J. Tucker, Spiral Dance, Stan Rogers, The Devil Makes Three, Tricky Pixie, Trillian Green, and Trinity Damask.