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Divine Mysteries

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Voodoo Society

The Voodoo Society is a resource for teaching historic American Voodoo religion, including Voodoo, hoodoo, traditional witchcraft, rootwork, conjure, pow-wow and Creole-style folk magic.

The focus of the society is on the Old New Orleans Voodoo Tradition of Marie Laveau and Doctor John. American, Louisiana or New Orleans Voodoo is a melting pot of the world's spiritual wisdom that is exciting, colorful and fun to practice. Voodoo is famous for obtaining incredible experiences and dramatic results.

Voodoo is a practical religion that obtains for those who believe in it love, luck, money, success, health and protection. Voodoo celebrates life and satisfies the needs of its followers in the here-and-now.

The Voodoo Society offers membership and courses to those who wish to study the mysteries and secrets of Voodoo.