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Three Hands Press

Three Hands Press is a publishing company whose works center on the occult, metaphysical literature and works to promote the contemporary offerings of esoteric practitioners, artists and scholars.

A sister company to Xoanon Publishing, Three Hands Press aims to publish work on a much wider breadth of topics and to a wider audience. Dozens of titles are available for sale on the site, and most deal with magic, divination, folklore, folk-religion, magical history, and mysticism and are written from the perspective of both the practitioner and the scholar. The appearance and hand of the physical book are very important, and the quality of the presentation is as crucial as the content printed on the page. For book collectors, there are “Fine Editions” available, where fine press is used to present an elegant look and feel to the reader and collector. The technology is more than five hundred years old and along with the use of high-quality paper and hand bindings, the books are works of art in themselves.