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Temple of Thelema Forum


The Temple of Thelema Forum is an online space where members can discuss topics such as Thelema, Qabbalah, Magick, Mysticism, Initiation, Meditation, Dream Interpretation, Tarot and more.

The Temple of Thelema is an initiating Order—a modern Mystery School, nonprofit, which focuses on regular group work and the systematic teaching and training of its members in the spiritual disciplines of magick and mysticism. It combines methods and traditions of both East and West: the Ageless Wisdom of Asia's yoga and of Europe's Hermetic Qabbalah.

The old grade ceremonies of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn have been recrafted to conform to Thelemic symbols and principles, but remain true to the original patterns called the "Cipher Manuscript Formulae." Nomenclature has, in places, been changed so as not to cause confusion with certain other terminology. A tremendous amount of residual sexism, some overt, some exceedingly subtle, has been weeded out of the original system.