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Temple of Ascending Flame

Temple of Ascending Flame was founded as a gate to the Draconian Current, from inspiration received from Lucifer and Draconian Gods, and in response to those who wished to walk the Path of the Dragon.

The Temple's primary goal is to provide initial guidance to those who seek illumination through the Flames of the Light Bearer and in the coils of Leviathan, those who are ready to descend into Qlipothic depths beneath the Tree of Life, travel through the pathways of Lilith, and step into the Void, the very Womb of the Dragon, in order to become reborn and arise as Gods incarnate.

The secondary goal is to empower the Adversarial Current of Lucifer who ignites the Ascending Flame and is the patron God of the Temple. The Work is to ground and strengthen His Gnosis on earth, to promote Him as the Archetype of the Adversary, the emblem of antinomian rebellion.

The initiatory work of the Temple consists of methods and techniques used to adjust receptivity of the mind and the soul to the energies of the Current through rituals, meditations, invocations, evocations, travelling between dimensions in order to explore worlds beyond the universe of man and to bring this knowledge onto the earth.