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Starfire Publishing

Starfire Publishing was founded in 1986 in the UK. The focus of their publication is Thelema, with a specialization in the Draconian or Typhonian traditions. The publisher sells new writings, art work and rare and limited edition books.

The basis of the work can be represented by the practitioner Kenneth Grant, with nods to others such as Aleister Crowley, Austin Osman Spare, Sir John Woodroffe, and Gerald Massey. An introductory, survey of Grant’s body of work is available to download on the site so readers may acquaint themselves with the signature philosophy. The site is in the process of reproducing all of Grant’s work, many of which are out of print. Aside from Grant’s work, other author’s books are available on the site on the topic of Typhonian Gnosis. Standard edition productions are available, but most titles are strictly limited edition with are finely hand-bound, individually numbered and signed and slipcased. These editions generally sell out before publication is complete and pre-ordering is essential to securing a copy.