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Skylight Press

Skylight Press is a small, independent British publisher based in Cheltenham specializing in occultism and the Western Mystery Tradition, along with literary fiction and poetry, history and horticulture.

According to the site, their niche sits somewhere just below the parapet of mainstream publishing, where they are nicely placed to issue gems of quality writing which may have slipped below the radar of bigger publishers.

Skylight Press was co-founded in 2010 by Rebsie Fairholm and Daniel Staniforth, assisted by Gareth Knight acting as an adviser. All of their production and editorial is done in-house.

Rebsie Fairholm (Graphic Designer) has over 25 years of publishing experience and is trained in book production, typesetting, editorial and graphic design.

Daniel Staniforth (Submissions Editor and General Manager) is a writer and scholar of poetry, fiction, literary analysis, and musical composition, whose work has featured in various small press publications and literary webzines.

Gareth Knight is the author of more than forty books and a seasoned lecturer within the esoteric field and an established expert on the Western Mystery Tradition.