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Servants of the Light

The Servants of the Light (SOL) is a modern-day school of the Western Mystery Tradition, offering supervised occult training in person and by correspondence.

They believe, sincerely, that the ancient traditions hold a timeless key which may be applied to modern life and its problems. They aim to train dedicated men and women who will help others to achieve the inner serenity that is their birthright.

The SOL is pendant to the ancient School of Alexandria, where all faiths and beliefs were welcomed, and their knowledge shared. They do not teach any faith or religion, or exalt any one above another. The lessons they offer are designed to affect the deeper levels of the mind, and this can be trying in the first stages; but everything is tuned to develop and train the latent powers of the mind which does not happen overnight; or even in a few weeks. Their assertion is that it takes years to train a magician in their methods.