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Scarlet Imprint

Scarlet Imprint is a publisher of contemporary occult works, Western magical tradition, witchcraft, African Diaspora religions and poetry centering on esotericism. The publishing company was founded in 2007 and has grown considerably since their outset.

The publications are meant to serve those following and studying a magical path, those interested in esotericism and fine arts in general. A special approach to publishing taken; each work is given individual attention and care in its production. Hardback editions are presented on heavyweight archival paper, printed with offset lithography and are hand-bound to compliment the importance of the words on each page. The process is labor-intensive and the publisher recommends buying directly from them to best serve the authors and to support this independent and unique approach to sharing esoteric voices by means of the printed word. Scarlet Imprint has associations with occult conferences held locally in England, and information for these events can be found on the site along with a full listing of books available for purchase.