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Sacred Texts: Sumerian Mythology

The Sacred Texts Sumerian Mythology archive contains the writing of Samuel Noah Kramer, who spent most of his life studying ancient Sumerian literature, by piecing together clay tablets in museums.

The work is divided into sections about the scope and significance of Sumerian mythology, myths of origins, creation of the universe such as the organization of the universe, Enlil and Ninlil: the Begetting of Nanna, the Journey of Nanna to Nippur, Emesh and Enten: Enlil Chooses the Farmer God, the Creation of the Pickax, Cattle and Grain, Enki and Ninhursag: the Affairs of the Water God, Enki and Sumer: the Organization of the Earth and its Cultural Processes, Enki and Eridu: the Journey of the Water-god to Nippur, Inanna and Enki: the Transfer of the Arts of Civilization from Eridu to Erech, and the Creation of Man. There are also the Myths of Kur such as the Destruction of Kur, Inanna's Descent into the Nether World, and finally, miscellaneous myths such as the Deluge, the Marriage of Martu, and Inanna Prefers the Farmer.