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Sacred Magic

Sacred Magic is an online platform that offers paid courses and webinars on White Magic and the Magic of the Watchers—the thirty three oldest stars in the Universe with unimaginable spiritual might.

Thanks to the popularity of the Book of Enoch many have been lead to believe that Watchers are fallen angels. In truth, the original legends of the Watchers date back to the Sumerian period. Early prophets of Judaism considered the Watchers very holy beings and an elevated class of angels, which they called the Irin (Aramaic for Watchers).

According to the Book of Enoch, only a small fraction of the Watchers disobeyed. There numbers did not exceed a few hundred. The majority of the Watchers retained their highly evolved spiritual state. Enoch acted as intercessor for the fallen Watchers before their kind. It is said that Enoch in the end was transformed into a being of light who walked with God and joined the rank of the Watchers themselves.

There’s no limit to the potential of an alliance between the mighty spirit of a human being with the magnificent cosmic soul of a heavenly Watcher.