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Sacred Fire Foundation

Sacred Fire Foundation is an organization that supports initiatives that preserve and promote Ancient Wisdom traditions—and their perspectives—to insure their continuance for future generations.

The world's Ancient Wisdom traditions are being threatened, and a key focus of their work is in supporting relationships with them and between them. Through events and media, the Foundation seeks to bring a greater awareness and understanding to modern culture of the irreplaceable benefit that Ancient Wisdom provides the people of the world.

Key initiatives include:

Ancient Wisdom Rising—a series of gatherings with elders and wisdom keepers that offers hope, healing, and renewed relationship with our sacred world.

Their Grant Making program that ensures the continuity of indigenous and traditional cultures and lifeways.

Annual Wisdom Fellowship Award given to tradition holders who are keeping the sacred fires of their people burning.

Sacred Fire Press—a book imprint that preserves and presents spiritual teachings from ancient and original sources.

Sacred Fire Magazine which offers a fresh outlook on modern culture by showing the relevance of ancient ways to today's world.