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Founded by Edred Thorsson in 1980, the Rune-Gild is an initiatory school devoted to the esoteric and exoteric study of the runes, the holy mysteries at the heart of ancient Germanic culture.

Over the years, Rune-Gild has grown and changed its form as new information and impulses entered into its knowledge base—and as its leadership became more initiated. However, its aim has remained true and steadfast—to see the elder runemasters again make their wisdom known and felt in the world of their descendants. This is a great task, for those interested in the heritage of the Germanic or Gothic peoples—and this includes all those who live in countries where a Germanic language (for example English) predominates.

The Rune-Gild strives to nurture its members in their intellectual and spiritual pursuits. It acts as a catalyst for the mastery of knowledge, acquisition of wisdom, and overcoming of obstacles—all in accord with the mythic paradigm established by Odin, the first and foremost runemaster.