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Divine Mysteries

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Rex Research–Alchemy Index

Rex Research is an archive of articles about suppressed, dormant or emerging sciences, technologies, inventions, theories, therapies and other alternatives. It has a large alchemy information section.

The Rex Research Alchemy Index is a collection of articles, usually in PDF format, on alchemy and transmutation. The index is divided into two sections, one section listing articles by author name and one by article title.

Authors include: Francis Bacon, Yoshiaka Arata, Asclepios, Elias Ashmole, Petrus Bonus, Roger Caro, John Dee, Dunstan, Geber, Hermes Trismegistus, Johan I. Hollandus, Kalid, Michael Maier, Sir George Ripley and many others.

Titles include: Adept Alchemy, Allegory of the Mountain, Book of Abraham the Jew, Cabala Mineralis, Chinese Alchemy and many others.