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Queer Astrology

Queer Astrology (QA) aims to build community, generate dialogue and promote queer visibility. QA Projects envision more real-time and face-to-face spaces for astrologers to meet and learn together.

Queer Astrology addresses astrology using multi-various lenses, calling upon our feminism, sex-positivity, class-, race-, gender-, ability-, and access-focused work in this world; the list is non-exhaustive.

Events to date include movement and improvisation, crafting, drafting, research, divination, and almost always breaking bread together. QA events are the world’s first gatherings of queer identified astrologers teaching and learning using explicitly queer content, format, and style.

Queer Astrology stands aside from non-profit industrial, and other mission-driven complexes. They strive to realize positions outside of the so-called missionary.