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Political Astrology Blog

Astrology and politics have always been intertwined. Western astrology was originally developed in Mesopotamia by scholars who provided kings with reports on astrological observations and predictions.

In the Roman Empire this tradition was carried on by astrologers who held advisory positions under emperors such as Tiberius, Claudius, Nero and Vespasian. In the Medieval and Renaissance periods there were a number of famous court astrologers, such as Johannes Kepler, John Dee, and Nostradamus. Even in modern times astrologers have worked with leaders in the very highest echelons of power, for example Ronald Reagan’s employment of the astrologer Joan Quigley.

The purpose of the Political Astrology Blog is to carry on this long tradition of using astrology to study politics and word leaders. The blog's agenda is not partisan, but astrological. It seeks to identify and discuss the important astrological correlations that mirror events in the political world on a daily basis, thus helping to expand the understanding of how astrology works, while at the same time showing the world how it can be used as a tool for political speculation.