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Path 11 Productions


After a large number of deaths of friends, family and pets in a year and a half, Michael Habernig began a deep exploration of the concept of life after death and what happens to people after they die.

His search led him to astral projection, out of body experiences (OBE), remote viewing, multiple dimensions and past life regressions, quantum physics, spirit guides, angels and the higher self, and healing.

Michael began to feel like he should do a film about death, and reincarnation. His searched locally for hypnotherapists, people who could astral project, quantum physics and healing. And in late January of 2008, he started listening to Dick Sutphens’ Radio Show about past lives, karma and life’s purpose.

He contacted a woman nearby, April Hannah, who owned and operated her own private holistic healing and counseling practice. With her help, they began to get in touch with many other practitioners.

Michael's website has a podcast as well as information on his three documentaries: The Path: Afterlife, The Path: Beyond the Physical, and The Path: Evolution.