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PaGaian Cosmology

The term PaGaian splices together pagan and Gaian, and it may express a new autochthonic/native context in which humans find themselves: that is, the term may express an indigeneity, a nativity, in these times, of belonging to this Earth, this cosmos.

The term ‘PaGaian’ was coined in at least two places on the planet and in opposite hemispheres within a couple of years of each other, without either inventor being aware of the other’s new expression.

It was some time before they found each other—one party in Australia having published a book with PaGaian in the title and the other in the UK having registered the domain The reaching for a new word, was the reaching for a language, a power: to bring together an Earth-based spiritual practice indigenous to Western Europe, with recent Western scientific understandings of the planet as a whole living organism—Gaian as it has been named, and which by its name acknowledged resonance with ancient Mother Goddess understandings of Earth's habitat, as a living sentient being.