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Order of the Gnostic Star

The Order of the Gnostic Star is an organization dedicated to the study and mastery of ritual magick as within a general framework of the Western Mystery Tradition; however, there is no hierarchy of chiefs, grand lodge or ruling body.

The order consists of autonomous entities or groups called ‘temples’ that independently manage their own affairs and are only ruled by the consensus of each individual group. It is believed that because each temple shares a common lore and a common grimoire and liturgy that it will function as a hidden and indivisible organization, similar to the Rosicrucian movement of the 17th century. This group posits that magicians are typically anarchists and only the vaguest notions of an organizational authority is tolerable to them.

The Temple of the Order of the Gnostic Star has three rotating officiating roles, but the temple is ruled by consensus. The three officers are the Magister Templi, or Temple Master, the Hierius, and the Auctor. The Auctor is the chief diviner and secretary for the temple and the Magister Templi and Hierius act as the head and assistant head of the temple.