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Omega Artworks

Omega Artworks make beautiful, lasting and unique artwork in steel and bronze. They specialize in custom athamés, swords and knives, but are ready to design any item to meet people's desires.

Omega Artworks does all work in their studio in St. Paul, Minnesota. Their objective is to combine beauty with functionality to create a work of art.

Gary Zahradka started making custom swords in 1981, when a friend was making one for a metals class at a local vocational school. What started as a class project began to grow and in 1982, when the friend joined the military, Gary started designing swords as Omega Artworks. Gary worked by himself, taking personal pride in each item he made.

In 1985 he met Suzy and the business expanded. Gary created a wide variety of custom knives and athamés, custom canes, and magical items in many traditions. Over the years Gary and Suzy created many new pieces. They had shops at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and the Bristol Renaissance Fair, as well as touring to Fairs in Texas, Iowa, and Florida.