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New World Celts

The New World Celts is a platform that promotes Celtic history and culture. Its archive showcases histories of the Celts in the New World along with references to their roots and culture in the old.

The archive aims to familiarize readers with what the Celts accomplished in the New World: in North and South America, Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand, and the Caribbean. It shows the legacy of all of the Celts, who did not fall off the Western edge of Europe and disappear. The Celts went to the West, merged with other peoples across all of Europe as well as the natives of different lands. The Celts became a great influence wherever they went.

Part of the mission of the New World Celts organization is to make sure that this legacy is not forgotten, and that the culture of the Celts of the Old World is carried into the future by those in the New World.