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Divine Mysteries

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Nephilim Press

Nephilim Press is a publisher that specializes in the rare and unique subject areas of the occult and arcane, that many major publishing companies consider too controversial to print.

Subjects that have been mentioned in passing, but no serious treatise on them has ever seen the light of day. It is for the purpose of introducing and furthering this unique knowledge that Nephilim Press was born. Nephilim Press is a purveyor of knowledge and information for the serious occult scholar.

Currently they are accepting submissions for the following occult subjects:

Thelema, Enochian magick, necromanccy, Egyptian magick, chaos magick, ceremonial magick, witchcraft, black magic, Golden Dawn, Sataninsm, Goetic magick, demonology, Freemasonry, Sumerian magick, Left Hand Path, Babylonian magick, Arabic magick, Kabbalah, herbalism, divination, Palo Mayombe, Voodoo, Hekka, African witchcraft, and more.

They are especially interested in finding little known foreign works of folk magic, both new and old, and introducing them to their readers.