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Molly Remer

The WoodsPriestess blog by Molly Remer, a birthworker, is about exploring the intersection between nature, the Goddess, art, and poetry as well as the practical work of priestessing.

Molly is a doctoral student in women’s spirituality at Ocean Seminary College and an ordained Priestess with Global Goddess. She is currently conducting research on contemporary priestessing in the U.S.

Her roots are in birthwork and she finds that this root is intimately tied to her interest in the Goddess and in feminist thealogy. This blog began as a place for her to share my musings on women’s spirituality, thealogy, theapoetics, the Goddess, and a little touch of sociopolitical commentary. It also serves as a place for her to store readings/poems/prayers that she'd like to save for later or for future reference.

She is a blogger at the Feminism and Religion website and at SageWoman magazine, and a former writer for the Pagan Families blog on Patheos as well. She is the author of a book about Womanrunes, a divination system created by the late Shekhinah Mountainwater.