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Minoan Brotherhood

The Minoan Brotherhood is a men's initiatory tradition of the Craft celebrating life, men loving men, and magic in a primarily Cretan context, also some Aegean and Ancient Near Eastern mythology.

The Minoan Brotherhood was founded as a response to the heterosexist culture of most forms of revivalist Traditional Witchcraft prevalent in the 1970's. These traditions believe that due to the inherent polarity of nature, magic must be performed between a man and a woman, and any groups that work without this balance are doomed to failure. This encouraged a homophobic attitude in many of the groups of the time. The rare group sometimes welcomed gay men as brothers, but only so long as they upheld the polarity rites of the tradition they were practicing.

For many, this was uncomfortable, and nigh impossible; many groups refused to work with gay men under any circumstances. Edmund M. Buczynski, the founder, worked his way through the training of the Gardnerian tradition. He then used his work in his original traditions, coupled with his knowledge of and research into ancient civilizations, to develop a tradition that celebrates the unique magic possible between men who love men.