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Medusa Coils

Medusa Coils is the blog of Judith Laura, an author of three print Goddess books and two novels. The novels were originally published in print and are now also available as ebooks.

The Medusa Coils blog is about fiercely defending and bravely exploring the Goddess and spiritual feminism.

Judith's first rituals were published in the journal WomanSpirit in 1978. Since then, her rituals and articles have appeared in The Beltane Papers, Matrifocus, SageWoman, Voices of Women, and the anthology SageWoman Cauldron (1993). She had a regular column in The Beltane Papers from 2002 until it stopped publishing as a magazine in 2007. She is a contributor to the "Dancing the Goddess Home" Ritual of the Goddess 2000 Project, A Winter Solstice Singing Ritual (Emerald Earth 2002), and the anthology Talking to Goddess (Lilith Institute 2009).

She is a member of the Association for the Study of Women and Mythology, the Fellowship of Isis, and founder of the Asherah Yahoogroup.