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Magicka School

Magicka School gives people Western magical training based on decades of experience and ten years of online teaching. The school's courses author is Marcus Katz and the editor of Portal Magazine is Brina Katz.

Registered students receive the following courses: Wicca Revealed, Wicca Advanced, Alchemy Workshop, Kabbalah, Spellcrafting, Beginners Tarot, Advanced Tarot, and Magickal Herball Compleat.

Each of the in-depth lessons is between 7-11,000 words long and is released to students online every month for every course in which they are enrolled. Before taking the next lesson, students sit an online test to measure their progress. If their average at least 65%-75% (depending on the course) over the whole course they will qualify for the Magicka School certificates, which are provided free of charge. On successful completion of the courses, students will have the knowledge and skills of most First-Second Degree witches and general tarot readers.