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Divine Mysteries

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Tarot Studies

Biddy Tarot began in 1999 when its creator, Brigit Esselmont, began posting her Tarot journal online to keep organized. The site offers users a free, comprehensive guide to decoding the meanings of the Tarot and a variety of other services.
The Burning Serpent Oracle is a book by Rachel Pollack and Robert M. Place. This is a book about meanings of a particular set of cards used for cartomancy—a term which means divination done by cards.
The Minoan Tarot is operated by artist, author and Tarot card reader Laura Perry, who created a Tarot deck based on the ancient art of the ancient Minoans. Her designs were painted and drawn by hand and have kept intact the meaning within the Tarot.
Andrea Green, the creator of My Tarot Card Meanings has been working undercover for the last ten years with the world’s leading tarot card experts, readers, professionals, authors and teachers. was created after Paul Hughes-Barlow got frustrated at not finding information on the Opening of the Key tarot spread. He later added an astrology section and the divinatory meanings of cards.
The Tarot School offers weekly, in-person Tarot classes in Forest Hills, NY, as well as a wide variety of online learning tools. In operation for two decades, The Tarot School has become a community for established readers and aspiring learners alike.