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Tarot Bloggers

A professional tarot reader, author and mentor having built a solid reputation in the tarot community, Catherine Chapman created Tarot Elements in 2009 as a means to launch her book Beyond the Celtic Cross.
Tell My Tarot is the official tarot site of Charmaine Frapp, a fourth generation tarot reader whose every facet of life has been influenced by tarot since an early age. Tell My Tarot is a space for Charmaine to share tarot with those seeking an alternate form of insight and enlightenment.
Mary K. Greer is a scholar, author, teacher and tarot consultant with more than 40 years of experience. She is the founder of Tools and Rites of Transformation and member of international tarot organizations.
Rachel Pollack is considered one of the World's foremost authorities on the modern interpretation of the tarot. She is also a poet, an award-winning novelist, and a tarot card and comic book artist.
The Tarot Lady, a site operated by a professional Tarot card reader named Theresa, offers personalized readings, information and education on a variety of Tarot-related topics.