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Divine Mysteries

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The ancestors can offer potent support for understanding and fulfilling life purpose. Tending the health of ancestral lines also helps clear the way for one’s eventual transition to the next reality.
Eagle’s Embrace offers affordable Reiki and Shamanism training in Ontario. Described as a relatively culture-free system, Shamanism is called as a way of life, easily adapted and integrated into everyday, modern life.
British Native Shamanism is ancient, maybe a million years old. Its wisdom hides in her old customs, stories, songs and dances, following the quicksilver pathways, the deer trods, of Elen of the Ways.
The Esoteric School of Shamanism & Magic is a virtual school for anyone following any type of mystical path on any level. Courses in Tarot, Magic and Shamanism are offered on the site, as well as library of articles and a bookstore.
The Foundation for Shamanic Studies offers courses in shamanism and shamanic healing for practitioners. The foundation’s teachings are based on universal or near-universal truths, rather than cultural-specific beliefs.
Offers education and ritual to bring an understanding of the inner self and to probe the connection between humans and nature. Vision Quests and other workshops are offered as well as online, home study instruction and support.
Sacred Fire Foundation is an organization that supports initiatives that preserve and promote Ancient Wisdom traditions—and their perspectives—to insure their continuance for future generations. is dedicated to creating a vibrant global community of people striving to teach and learn about the rich heritage of Earth and Spirit honoring practiced by all shamanic traditions.
Nicki Scully is an author, teacher and practitioner of healing and Shamanic arts. Her website and company, Shamanic Journeys, Ltd., is a source for information, training, and a variety of other personal growth-related products and services.
The Society for Shamanic Practice is one of a kind member supported and member driven organization dedicated to the shamanic path and understanding how shamanism is evolving in the modern world.
Turtle Vision Healing Arts is a practice with over twenty years of hands-on experience helping people with health and trauma issues. By using shamanism and alternative healing techniques, getting to the deeper layers of an issue or problem is easier, leading to your own health and empowerment.