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Divine Mysteries

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Paganism Studies

Hallow Quest is home to authors Caitlín and John Matthews. Their work includes books about mythology, magic, tarot, shamanism and a host of other topics. Workshops are held to explore the various Western Mysteries.
Christo-Paganism is a blended—syncretistic—spiritual tradition. It merges modern NeoPaganism with Christianity. Christianity itself, especially its Roman and Eastern Orthodox varieties are syncretistic.
Northern Earth is a site that explores a wide variety of “Earth mysteries” without bias or agenda. In addition to the library of scholastic articles available, the site publishes a quarterly magazine and organizes events and trips.
Orion Foxwood is an author and teacher about the mysteries of faery lore and practice within both a traditional and modern scope. His site offers Faery Seership training in workshops across the country and a variety of other related products and services.
The term PaGaian splices together pagan and Gaian, and it may express a new autochthonic/native context in which humans find themselves: that is, the term may express an indigeneity, a nativity, in these times, of belonging to this Earth, this cosmos.
Pagan Path is an online academy for Pagan studies. For a low yearly fee, members can take courses for Witchcraft and Wicca, Tarot Proficiency, Herbalism and a variety of others. The courses are treated as real classes, with tests and a certificate of completion at the end.
Witches & Pagans is a magazine aimed at creating a community for those interested in the lore of the gods and goddesses of antiquity and expanding their understanding of magic.
Since 2005 Dr. Stephen Flowers, head of the Woodharrow Institute, has been producing lectures on topics in Indo-European history, culture, language and literature. These informative lectures are now online on the institute's website.