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Magic(k) & Occultism

Aaron Leitch has been a scholar and spiritual seeker for over two decades. He is a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the academic Societas Magica.
The ouroboros of occult philosophy and self-initiation. The Adept Initiates study Hermetics, esotericism, gnosis, symbolism, archaeology, ancient mysteries, sacred science, and metaphysics.
In the tradition of the old Mystery Schools, the Aiwass Study Group is offering sincere and interested individuals the opportunity to explore the concepts and practices of Thelema.
Alex Sumner is a blogger and writer who published non-fiction articles in the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition. His focus is on the Hermetic qabalah, astrology, tarot, alchemy, the Golden Dawn, and magick.
The Golden Dawn has had a long history in Ireland, including many original Irish members such as poet W.B. Yeats, Maud Gonne and George Pollexfen. This tradition continues in the temple operating in Dublin.
The Avalon Mystery School is a website dedicated to Western esoteric wisdom and, in particular, Celtic magical traditions. Its creator is Mara Freeman. She offers articles, books, retreats and courses.
Blazing Star Oasis is a chartered body of Ordo Templi Orientis, a fraternal organization dedicated to the promulgation of the Law of Thelema as heralded by The Book of the Law, received by Aleister Crowley.
The Blog of Baphomet is a blog by magicians as a space to describe their living experience of magick in a way that is informed by many traditions, but not to be limited to any one style of occultism.
Blue Flame Magick is a multi-discipline occult blog. It is an extension and combination of the blogger Kalagni’s personal occult blog, magickal career and reflections on the occult community.
The Brotherhood of the Eternal Light is a genuine, international, fully contacted Mystery school. It recognizes the Society of the Inner Light and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn as its roots.
B.O.T.A. is a modern Mystery School. Adytum is the Greek word for Inner Shrine or Holy of Holies. Members of the Order aspire to build the Inner Temple, to construct the Holy of Holies within.
ContERN is an international network for scholars working on esotericism in the contemporary world. It organizes conferences, conference panels, scholarly publications, and maintains an online presence.
Core Spirit is a blog and online directory with practitioners and information on alternative and natural medicine; myth, magic and spirituality; and technology for health and wellness.
The Crucible Club, inspired by the early 1900’s group of the same name, was formed for the private study of the mysteries, inviting all serious applicants who seek to discover the magick of their lives and reveal their true selves.
Dragon Rouge is an esoteric society interested in philosophy, psychology, religion, science and culture. As esotericists they aim to achieve individuation, autonomy and creativity.
Esoteric College is fully affiliated with the Association of British Correspondence Colleges. All courses are taught by Maria Wheatley on a personal level with written material and Skype lessons.
Consciousness expansion as a whole is truly about community, and the spreading of ideas. It is the intended goal that Esoteric Online could be the type platform where these aspects are expressed freely.
The European Society for the Study of Western Esotericism was established in 2005 to advance the academic study of the various manifestations of Western esotericism from late antiquity to the present.
The purpose of the Exeter Centre for the Study of Esotericism is to foster advanced research into historical and comparative aspects of the esoteric traditions from the Hellenistic period to the present.
The Fellowship of Isis is a peaceful society that has members worldwide from all cultures, races and religions. It honors the good in all faiths and the Divine Feminine in all of Her forms.
Frater Barrabbas Tiresius is an author, witch, practitioner of ritual magick, past member of the OTO, gnostic bishop, founder of Order of the Gnostic Star, musician, artist, ritual ordeal craftmaster.
Frater Yechidah has written extensively on occult topics, including articles for Hidden Spirit, Hermetic Virtues, and The Gnostic. He is the author of Enochian Magic in Theory and Enochian Magic in Practice.
The members of the Fraternity of the Hidden Light are a diverse group of sincere spiritual aspirants, women and men, dedicated to personal growth and expression of the true self.
Gods and Radicals is a registered non-profit pagan anti-capitalist publisher. The name comes from a presentation on anti-capitalism and paganism by Alley Valkyrie and Rhyd Wildermuth.
The Grey Necromancer is a Canadian blogger and student of anthropology, religion and philosophy. He is also an Irish polytheist and researcher of folklore, mythology, legends and the occult.
Dreamflesh is a blog by Gyrus, where he expresses his interest in mind/body, spirit/matter dualism. He writes about subjects such as altered states, archaic consciousness, prehistoric art and shamanism.
The Golden Dawn was designed by its founders to be an Hermetic Society dedicated to the philosophical, spiritual, and psychic evolution of humanity. Though not a religion, it uses religious imagery.
The Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight is a temple of the Western Mystery Tradition where men and women who seek enlightenment, liberation and self-actualization work together in mixed lodges.
The International College of Thelema is a non-profit religious and educational organization based on the principles of Thelema. It was founded in service to the A∴A∴, under warrant from Phyllis Seckler.
The Irish Order of Thelema has drawn from the historical and magical traditions of Ireland synthesizing them with the precepts of the Law of Thelema to create a new and unique order.
Jason Miller's Strategic Sorcery is a blog about practical magic to help people gain measurable success in their spiritual, financial and love lives. It is real magic that works in the real world.
The John Dee Society's primary purpose is to produce a standard edition of the published and unpublished works of Elizabethan England's great polymath, antiquarian and magus Dr. John Dee.
John Michael Greer of The Well of Galabes is past Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America and current head of the Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn. He is the author of over 30 books.
Magicka School gives people Western magical training based on decades of experience and ten years of online teaching. The school's courses author is Marcus Katz and the editor of Portal Magazine is Brina Katz.
The Minoan Brotherhood is a men's initiatory tradition of the Craft celebrating life, men loving men, and magic in a primarily Cretan context, also some Aegean and Ancient Near Eastern mythology.
MoonCast Magick is a blog that will feature lessons and posts about the practice of magick, magickal technique and practice. The author plans to include essays relating to occult topics in general as well.
The Network for the Study of Esotericism in Antiquity is a group associated with the European Society for the Study of Western Esotericism. The website is a source for information and resources concerning ancient esotericism.
Nick is the author of Making Talismans, which has turned out to be an esoteric classic. He also wrote Magical Pathworking, The Druidic Order of Pendragon (with Colin Robertson), Gathering the Magic and Egyptian Shaman.
The anonymous authors of Occult Mysteries have studied occult science for more than forty years and now aim to share the plethora of information gathered for anyone genuinely interested in learning.
Occult Resource's objective is to find, point to and provide a brief insight into quality occult, esoteric and metaphysical resources and news that are scattered over the web and difficult to find.
The Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn is a community of magickal practitioners, mostly of Pagan background, who have gathered to work the Golden Dawn System.
The Order of the Gnostic Star is an organization dedicated to the study and mastery of ritual magick as within a general framework of the Western Mystery Tradition; however, there is no hierarchy of chiefs, grand lodge or ruling body.
The Order of the Hermetic Rose is an association of individuals pursuing practices and studies in the Western Mysteries. Founder Kate Warwick-Smith is an initiate of several Western Mystery traditions.
The Order of the Temple of the Orient, or, as it is sometimes rendered, the Order of the Oriental Templars, is an outer Thelemic order dedicated to the purpose of securing the liberty of the individual.
The three pillars of the Ogdoadic Tradition that form the basis used by initiates of Aurum Solis are: Theurgy (High Magick), Philosophy (Meditation & Contemplation), & Theology (Ascent toward Beauty).
The Ordo Stella Matutina (OSM) is a fully established Hermetic order working within the Golden Dawn and Rosicrucian tradition. It is governed by its three chiefs (Imperator, Praemonstrator, Cancellarius).
Ordo Sunyata Vajra, the Order of the Adamantine Void, is a vehicle of the Stellar Gnosis of Thelema, expressing the deep roots of the Aeon of the Crowned and Conquering Child.
Ordo Templi Astartes's emphasis is on doing magick: summoning spirits to visible appearance in the dark mirror and bringing down gods and angels to illuminate crystal orbs in order to communicate with them.
The U.S. Grand Lodge is the governing body of the Ordo Templi Orientis in the United States. It is the most populous and active branch of O.T.O., with many local bodies spread throughout the country.
Patrick Dunn, author of Postmodern Magic: The Art of Magic in the Information Age, provides a postmodern perspective on an ancient practice by approaching magical theory from an information paradigm.
In 2008 Phil Hine of was trying to get his head around the tantric principle of tattvas—and, trying to approach the problem from a different angle.
The Philosophical Research Society, founded by Manly Palmer Hall in 1934, is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to provide resources for the study and research of the world’s wisdom literature.
Quareia is an internet-based school offering a free course with the full range and depth of traditional magical training. Courses are offered for those with no experience with magic and will guide the apprentice through to the potential of being an adept.
The R.R. et A.C. is associated with Aspirants to Light, a fellowship of men and women who are free in the conventional (or social) sense of the word, and are seeking an unconventional greater freedom within themselves.
Rune Soup is a blog and podcast about practical sorcery, entheogens, synchronicities, UFOs, ‘alternative’ history, career guidance, graphic novels, the future of media, probability, divination.
Sacred Magic is an online platform that offers paid courses and webinars on White Magic and the Magic of the Watchers—the thirty three oldest stars in the Universe with unimaginable spiritual might.
The Sacred Other is the blog of Scott K. Smith, a healer, witch, priest in the Temple of Witchcraft and artist in Southern California with 25 years of meditation, occult, magickal and healing practice.
Scott Lowther of the Hermit Crab blog has been a student of Western mysteries and philosophies, ancient to present since 1988. He works as an independently contracted mineral and land resources agent.
The Servants of the Light (SOL) is a modern-day school of the Western Mystery Tradition, offering supervised occult training in person and by correspondence.
Societas Magica is a community for scholars interested in the study of magic. The group has regular discussions concerning the history of magic, its practice, both its positive and negative aspects through history and serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas.
Established in 2000, Spiral Nature‘s history is the product of several successive websites dealing with similar themes of alternative spiritualities, practical magick, and exploring occulture.
Studio Arcanis is an advanced online forum for dedicated practitioners of occult studies and practices such as Enochian magic, grimoire tradition, planetary and angel magic, witchcraft and others.
T. Thorn Coyle writes books and agitates for justice. Thorn is happy to be called she or they, though will answer to he as well. Meanwhile, she is hoping for a world with adequate non-gendered pronouns.
Taylor Ellwood, an author of practical occultism, started experimenting with magic when he started practicing at 16. He was and is driven by an insatiable curiosity to see what he can do with magic and this site reflects that curiosity.
Temple of Ascending Flame was founded as a gate to the Draconian Current, from inspiration received from Lucifer and Draconian Gods, and in response to those who wished to walk the Path of the Dragon.
The Temple of Set is a fraternal occult organization that provides an environment in which individuals discover, pursue and realize their purpose and destiny. "Xeper" is the willed unfolding of individual potential.
Temple of Thelema is a true Outer Order of the Greater Mysteries, providing ceremonial initiation; structured training; and regular group work, in conformity with the principles of The Book of the Law.
The Temple of Thelema Forum is an online space where members can discuss topics such as Thelema, Qabbalah, Magick, Mysticism, Initiation, Meditation, Dream Interpretation, Tarot and more.
Thelemapedia is a collaborative Wiki project relating to Thelema, a philosophical school of thought created by Aleister Crowley. The site features hundreds of wiki articles covering magick, yoga, god-forms, religion and many other topics.
Wizard Forums is an online forum with over 8,000 members and over 300,000 posts. Topic groups include occult tutorials and eBooks, meditation, spirituality, rituals and spells, vampirism and others.