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Graeco-Roman Studies

With over 7000 articles, Encyclopedia Mythica contains information on many different mythologies from across the world. However, their Greek and Roman mythology sections are the fullest and most popular. is a website that has been online since 1997. It contains information on ancient Greek gods and goddesses, the Olympians, myths, and the Titans, as well as pictures and book resources.
Hellenistic astrology is a tradition of Greco-Roman astrology that originated in the Mediterranean region sometime around the 1st century BCE, and was practiced until approximately the 7th century.
Medea's Lair is a website dedicated to all things Greek Mythology. There is also a section on Roman mythology from Imperial Rome and the Roman Republic. Readers can email the writer to request myths.
The Perseus Digital Library is a project that aims to make as many of the classical texts as possible readily available online to everyone. It focuses on classical Greek, Latin and Arabic texts.
The Theoi Project profiles deities and creatures of Greek Mythology on separate pages, with encyclopedia summaries, quotations from ancient Greek and Roman texts, and illustrations from ancient art.