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Esoteric Publishers

Acorn Guild Press—an independent publishing company based in the Pacific Northwest, USA—publishes select books on nature studies, alternative spirituality, folklore, and related subjects.
Avalonia’s books span many realms from arcane to ethereal. The company is based in Glastonbury, England, and specializes in the history of magic(k), religion, folk magic(k), ancient gods and goddesses and other topics pertaining to the occult.
Azoth Press is a publisher of limited edition books by practicing magicians for the practicing magician with a standard of knowledge influenced by years of dedicated occult study and magical experience.
Bardic Press is a publisher of books on early Christianity, Sufi poetry, Gnosticism, the Fourth Way, and Celtic and other mythology, Irish interest, Songs of Joy and Sorrow by A.M. Ashford and others.
Fulgur is an independent esoteric publishing company, established in the UK in 1992. The publisher works with artists and writers to offer its products directly to the public. The books discuss esotericism in visual culture.
Hadean Press is seated in the UK and was founded in 2008. The company produces books, pamphlets and journals in limited, hand-bound and standard editions. Dozens of esoteric titles are offered for sale on the site.
Imagier Publishing is a publisher based in the UK dedicated to making available contemporary and past work about the streams of spirituality that have inspired Western culture and civilization.
Started back in 1975 in a small office in New York City, Inner Traditions • Bear & Company now has 11 imprints and as of 2011 more than 1200 titles in print across a wide and eclectic range of esoteric subjects.
Ixaxaar Publications' focus is on the Necrosophic-Qayinite and Qliphothic tradition, traditional witchcraft, folk-sorcery, ceremonial magic, Goetia, alchemy, Vamachara tantra, and Gnosticism.
Kerubim Press is an independent publisher of occult books, based in Dublin. They publish books on a variety of esoteric topics, from ceremonial magic to paganism, with a focus on high quality content.
As the world's oldest and largest independent publisher of books for body, mind, and spirit, Llewellyn strives to bring readers the very best in esoteric and metaphysical books and resources.
Nephilim Press is a publisher that specializes in the rare and unique subject areas of the occult and arcane, that many major publishing companies consider too controversial to print.
Ouroboros Press publishes classic texts from Western Esotericism for use in libraries and laboratories. The site aims to provide esoteric literature to students and scholars alike at an affordable price.
Weiser Books has a long history as publishers of esoteric, occult teachings from traditions all around the world and throughout time: Metaphysics, magick, tarot, Eastern and Western mystery traditions.
Rubedo Press is an esoteric publisher based in Seattle, Washington. Published material ranges from classical to contemporary and are actively working to translate ancient occult texts into English.
Scarlet Imprint is a publisher of contemporary occult works, Western magical tradition, witchcraft, African Diaspora religions and poetry centering on esotericism. The publishing company was founded in 2007 and has grown considerably since their outset.
Skylight Press is a small, independent British publisher based in Cheltenham specializing in occultism and the Western Mystery Tradition, along with literary fiction and poetry, history and horticulture.
Starfire Publishing was founded in 1986 in the UK. The focus of their publication is Thelema, with a specialization in the Draconian or Typhonian traditions. The publisher sells new writings, art work and rare and limited edition books.
Stone Circle Press publishes books on ancestral wisdom, ecomysticism, rewilding, Gaelic reconstructionism, Celtic spirituality, matriarchal studies, sacred geometry, labyrinth studies, and more.
Theion Publishing is a fine edition press founded in 2011 in Germany. Publications promote the most prominent voices in esotericism, occultism and Gnostic spirituality to an audience of informed readers.
In 1988 Thoth Publications began publishing esoteric titles for the magical and specialist market. With over 20 years in the publishing business, they now have many titles and celebrated authors.
Three Hands Press is a publishing company whose works center on the occult, metaphysical literature and works to promote the contemporary offerings of esoteric practitioners, artists and scholars.
Xoanon Publishing was founded to serve as the sole publisher of Cultus Sabbati, a closed-circle initiatory magic practitioner group. The group’s publications are based on ongoing initiatory tradition, and readers are encouraged to self-educate using the materials available on the site.