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Esoteric Journals

Archai, The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology, is an academic journal that explores significant correlations between cyclical alignments of the planets and the archetypal patterns of human experience.
Aries is the first professional academic journal specifically devoted to a neglected but now rapidly developing new domain of research in the humanities, usually referred to as "Western Esotericism".
Clavis is a journal of the advanced occult disciplines, co-produced by publishers Ouroboros Press and Three Hands Press, and serving a sophisticated esoteric community of scholars and practitioners.
Correspondences is an international, peer-reviewed online journal devoted to the academic study of Western esotericism and publishing works of a high academic standard.
Culture & Cosmos is a peer-reviewed academic journal published on the history of astrology and cultural astronomy. It welcomes submissions containing original research on a wide range of topics.
Primarily sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies at MSU, Esoterica was a peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to the transdisciplinary study of Western esotericism.
Immanence was founded in 2015 by depth psychologist and graduate mythology teacher Craig Chalquist, Ph.D., to provide a forum for exploring how myth, legend, and folklore appear and reappear today.
The Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition was an electronic magazine published bi-annually every equinox by a non-profit, volunteer staff from 2001 to 2014 covering many topics in the Western Mysteries.
A peer-reviewed scholarly journal, Magic, Ritual, and Witchcraft draws from a broad spectrum of perspectives, methods and disciplines, offering a wide geographical scope and chronological range.
Odroerir is a downloadable journal dedicated to developing, fostering, and distributing scholastic literature regarding the various pre-Christian religious traditions and cultures of Northern Europe.
The Pomegranate is the first International, peer-reviewed journal of Pagan studies. It provides a forum for papers, essays and symposia on both ancient and contemporary Pagan religious practices.