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The British Druid Order is concerned with rekindling the sacred fires of Druidry as a living, breathing, animistic, shamanistic, life-affirming, Earth-honoring spirituality for the 21st century.
Cat Treadwell is a Druid living in England. She is a ritual celebrant and multifaith worker and author of ‘A Druid’s Tale’ and ‘Facing the Darkness‘, as well as a volunteer for The Druid Network.
Down the Forest Path is a Druidry blog by author, poet and singer Joanna van der Hoeven. She writes about Druidry and Paganism on her site and has written many books on the topic. She serves her community through her work as a solitary Druid.
Lived Druidry, philosophy, bardic inspiration, meditation, green living and radical thinking, plus book reviews.
Druid Magazine is the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids member publication for the Americas. It features articles, stories, reviews, artistry, and opinion pieces from around the world.
The Druid Network aims to facilitate Druidry as a religion by connecting individuals and groups together, coordinating efforts and initiatives, and actively interfacing with public bodies and the media.
The Order of WhiteOak's mission is to discuss the lessons of history, to study the Brehon Laws of Ireland, the Celtic Mythological Cycles and Wisdom Texts, and to apply them to contemporary Druidic practice.
Penny Billington, a published author, is a Druid of twenty years practical experience, trained by the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, and is the editor of their magazine, Touchstone.