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Asatru Organizations

The American Asatru Association operates in North America, and actively works to incorporate Heathenistic values into modern, American life. The group aims to create an inclusive environment where focuses lie on the lore of pre-Christian Europe.
The Asatru Folk Assembly is a religious organization concerned with preserving the tradition of the Scandinavian/Germanic and Celtic peoples of ancient Europe. Members enjoy planned events to usher in the changing of the seasons.
The Norroena Society works to restore the lore of ancient Northern Europe to its pure form, before Christian influence and repackaging over the last several hundred years. A large collection of research is available to read on the website.
The Troth is a Pennsylvania-based Heathen organization founded to seek, know and honor the Gods and values of the ancient Germanic Heathen traditions. The organization exists to very non-discriminatorily celebrate the ancient cultural heritage.