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KOSANBA: A Scholarly Association for the Study of Haitian Vodou

Thirteen Haitian scholars met in 1997, at UCSB for a colloquium on Haitian Vodou, The Spirit and The Reality: Vodou and Haiti. At the end of the conference, they formed the Congress of Santa Barbara.

Imbued by a sense of collective wisdom and aware of the long, difficult and constant struggles and crises undergone by their homeland, the founders—and others who have joined them—pledged to create a space where scholarship on Vodou can be augmented. Cognizant of the meaning and the implications of this historic reunion where Haitian scholars seized the initiative, the congress proposes to have an impact on Haitian cultural politics as well as on resulting measures and policies that affect the Republic of Haiti.

The association already has over 60 members and, after the Santa Barbara and New York Conferences, are now planning for a third meeting in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. A second volume will be published to disseminate their research findings.